Battle of the Dads

Lovers Kostya and Masha decide to get married. But immediately problems arise with relatives. Kostya’s father is a retired military man, a straightforward and strong-willed Russian man who plans to rent the House of Officers for a family celebration, invite all his relatives up to the fifth generation and celebrate, as expected, according to the traditions of a Russian feast. Masha’s dad is the owner of a large business who wants to show off in front of his partners and have a wedding in style somewhere in Dubai. Both dads don’t give a damn about what the children want and what other relatives think. The wedding becomes a real clash of ambitions and a battlefield between two such different, but equally stubborn fathers… The loud conflict attracts the attention not only of reality show producers who dream of a wedding scandal on air, but also of the bandits Tarapunka and Shtepsel, who are going to steal expensive gifts from sponsors right during the wedding.

The roles of fathers who have lost face and dream of drowning each other in Sochi mud baths are comedy superstar Maxim Lagashkin and Alexander Zlatopolsky from the holiday hit New Year's all inclusive.

Country of origin: Russia
Genres: Comedy, Family

Director: Ivan Arkhipov
Writer: Yuliya Lemark
Stars: Maxim Lagashkin, Irina Pegova, Lyudmila Artemyeva, Natalya Rudova, Roman Madyanov, Mikhail Tarabukin, Anna Ukolova, Alexander Zlatopolskiy

Producers: Alexander Zlatopolskiy, Alesya Panteleeva, Vladimir Permyakov