Father's Day

On Father's Day, a self-confident businessman, a henpecked pediatrician, and an unemployed man nostalgic for the USSR are chosen to accompany high school students on a hiking trip. It would seem that a joint trip is a great chance for the heroes to get close to their children and show the best masculine qualities. But it soon becomes clear that the fathers have overestimated their camping skills, and a struggle for leadership between them sets off a chain of events that threatens the teens' safety. In order to bring the class out of the Ural forest safe and sound, unlucky dads must become a close-knit team, find a common language with the younger generation and restore the lost parental authority.

Country of origin: Russia
Genres: Comedy, Family

Director: Oleg Assadulin
Writers: Yuri Ovchinnikov, Alexander Sukhochev, Danil Trotsenko
Stars: Mikhail Boyarskiy, Valentin Smirnitskiy, Vyacheslav Myasnikov, Natalya Tsvetkova, Sergey Belogolovtsev, Yuliya Proskuryakova, Nikolay Drozdov, Sergey Dorogov, Alexander Zlatopolskiy, Natalya Tsvetkova

General producers: Alexander Zlatopolskiy, Andrey Rozhkov, Natalya Tsvetkova