Just live

A company of guys dreams of recording a music album and decides to turn to movie and pop stars for help. Everything happens under the supervision of a music teacher who is suddenly fired unexpectedly. Schoolchildren need to save the teacher, because she is their friend and mentor on the way to their dream. And you can't give up on your dreams.

TV Series

Country of origin: Russia
Genres: drama, music

Director: Nikolai Konstantinov
Writers: Andrey Panteleev, Sergey Bogdasarov
Stars: Veronika Evdokimova, Sandra Meteleva, Alexander Zlatopolsky, Natalia Donskaya, Anatoly Tsoi, Katya Lel, Slava

Producers: Alesya Panteleeva, Arina Romanova, Inessa Avandeeva, Alexander Zlatopolsky