Andrei Romanov (Alexander Metelkin) finds himself at the epicenter of a clash between Russian and Western intelligence services. Together with his team of top Russian special agents, he is recruited by GRU officer Maxim Kolosov (Ivan Okhlobystin) for a special mission into enemy territory. The group's goal is to find out what is happening in a secret laboratory near the border of the country, where work is underway on a new biological weapon. Andrey also has a personal goal — revenge. The enemy's team is led by his father's killer. Andrei's group is completely secret; almost no one knows about its true purpose. Everything does not go according to plan when it becomes clear that there is a «mole» among them. Suspicion falls on Andrei himself. Kolosov will have to make the most difficult decision in his life: trust intelligence data and destroy the agent, or, in spite of everything, in memory of his friendship with Andrei’s father, give the guy a chance to complete the task. The lives of millions of people depend on this decision…

Country of origin: Russia
Genre: Action

Director: Ivan Arkhipov
Writers: Andrey Panteleev, Yulia Lemark
Stars: Alexander Metelkin, Ivan Okhlobystin, Alexander Zlatopolsky, Danila Yakushev, Ivan Kokorin, Alexey Kravchenko, Igor Zhizhikin, Oleg Taktarov, Vadim Andreev, Nika Zdorik, Anastasia Chernikova

General producers: Alexander Zlatopolskiy, Alesya Panteleeva