A series of mysterious crimes is taking place in the city. The master of monstrous hoaxes paints pictures of his future murders, where each of them is already a masterpiece of world art. The investigation is stumped by the inexplicable disappearance of each subsequent victim from the scene of the crime, and the appearance of «black water» flowing from all taps in their homes suggests a connection between the killer and otherworldly forces.

TV Series

Country of origin: Russia
Genres: Mystery, Thriller

Director: Svyatoslav Chirkov
Writer: Julia Lemark
Stars: Igor Zhizhikin, Ivan Nikolaev, Dmitriy Mazurov, Tatyana Novik, Anastasiya Zlatopolskaya, Sofiya Zlatopolskaya

Producers: Alesya Panteleeva, Inessa Avandeeva, Alexander Zlatopolskiy