We are not children

Yesenia is a sociophobic teenager who dreams of fame and recognition on the Internet. She spends all her time filming a blog about the life of a teenager in the modern world, which is not popular. In order to somehow socialize Yesenia, her mother sends her to a country children's camp in the summer. Yesenia is forced to communicate there and make new friends, which is very difficult for her, and most importantly, there she is faced with the total injustice of the system and the lack of understanding of teenagers on the part of educators.

TV Series

Country of origin: Russia
Genres: drama, comedy

Directors: Igor Dneprov
Writers: Alesya Panteleeva, Alexander Rumyantsev
Stars: Irina Bezrukova, Alexander Zlatopolskiy, Maria Gerasimova, Dmitry Mazurov, Elizaveta Gureeva, Anastasia Chernikova

Producers: Alesya Panteleeva, Arina Romanova, Alexander Zlatopolskiy